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The Charon
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...Aachan is a dark, frigid world with jagged ranges, oily bogs and illuminous flowers...

Aachan is the home world of the aachim.  The author describes little of this world but a few things are made clear.  The Aachan year is shorter than that of Santhenar.  It is a cold world with oily bogs and luminescent flowers (wierd...).  There are also jagged mountain ranges.
After the events of "The View from the Mirror", Aachan is devistated and is dying.  It is being ripped apart by tectonic activity.

The aachim are the people of Aachan.  It was their curiosity which allowed the charon to locate Aachan and escape the void.  They are a highly intelligent race and are the best engineers of all the three worlds.  Everything made by the aachim is a perfect work of art.
The aacim are described as being taller than old humans.  They have extremely long fingers and circular ears.  They are mostly dark skinned with dark hair colours.